Monday, August 3, 2009 @ 1:13 PM | 0 notes

Hello guys!

As from today onwards, will retire after running since November 2005. That's 3 years and about 9 months for you!


It has been fun and a pleasure to keep this blog alive for that long. This link will still be around because I can't bear to let it go! But all posts have been deleted. I hope you had great times viewing the photos, videos and posts. This blog's skin is too cute to be abandoned as well.

My reason for closing down this blog is... I've lost the commitment. I can't get myself to post new posts as often as I used to anymore. Instead of letting it die slowly, day by day, I might as well close it down and worry less.

Anyway, if you are sad that all the links are gone, don't fret, just click here for my new site where I share LINKS. Yeap, no more normal posts.

Pretty girls and handsome boys, please change my link to the new address aights! I'll remember to notify when I visit your blogs! *fingers crossed*

Support Metamorphosis of Ichigo!

Until we meet again... take care!



Updated on 24/09/2012~

I guess my way of blogging changes over time so what I intended to do 3 years ago didn't really go as planned and I went back to writing full posts again. LOL

I've changed the blogskin too to start anew.

Hope you'll enjoy both of my blogs!

Take care guys!